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Woman Inhales Two Slices of Pizza on Kiss Cam During NBA Playoff Game

Nobody loves pizza more than this girl!

During the Kiss Cam segment of the Atlanta Hawks playoffs game against the Boston Celtics at Philips Arena in Atlanta on Tuesday, April 19, a woman became a viral star after she was spotted shoveling two slices of pizza in her mouth behind a smooching couple.

Pizza girl switched back and forth between her slices, showing love to both pieces while her friend awkwardly waved and cringed. Meanwhile, the happy couple continued to lock lips and were completely clueless about what was happening a few inches away from them.

While the internet was quick to point out she was probably an actor, it still gave the crowd a good laugh and proved that if you don’t have a special someone, you can be just as happy with a box of delicious pizza.

The Hawks have had several other hilarious Kiss Cam moments, including one where a girl dumped a beer on the couple in front of her and another where a woman gets snubbed by her boyfriend so she instead started making out with the guy on the other side of her.

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