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‘The Real Housewives of Dallas’ Recap: LeeAnne Locken Threatens Marie Reyes’ Life, Accuses Cary Deuber of Having an Affair

LeeAnn Locken of ‘The Real Housewives of Dallas’

Credit: Michael Larsen/Bravo

The Real Housewives of Dallas spent their girls trip in Austin being as fabulous as usual on the Monday, June 6 episode — they drank champagne, got massages, and, oh yeah, threatened to kill each other. God bless Texas!

LeeAnne Throws Shade at Brandi for Peeing on the Bus

On the way to Austin the group started their festivities early by drinking champagne on the bus. Brandi Redmond’s bladder couldn’t keep up but she wasn’t going to let that slow down the party — the former Cowboys cheerleader just peed in a Solo cup!

While the other girls laughed and shielded her with a towel, LeeAnne Locken sat in the front of the bus rolling her eyes and bragging, “I can go three hours without going to the bathroom.” Brandi rebutted, saying, “It’s better than s—ting in the back of a car!” Brandi was clearly referencing LeeAnne’s rumored pooping-her-pants incident but LeeAnne played dumb … for the time being.

LeeAnne Admits to Taking Ex-Lax While Drinking

Upon arrival at Stephanie Hollman and Brandi’s gorgeous Austin lake house, LeeAnne wasted no time at all in clearing the air about her poop rumor. The former carny kid told the camera, “Haven’t you ever wanted to be skinny on your birthday … so you thought, ‘F–k it, I’ll take a little Ex-Lax and then I drink too much and … it comes out.” Clearly embarrassed, she continued, “Is it something I wanna share with people? No.” When LeeAnne confronted her friend Marie Reyes about spreading the rumor, Marie quickly denied it and fled the scene.

Yet Again, a Real Housewife Engages in Table-Flipping

After a few rounds of Fireball shots and generous pours of wine, the ladies were in full-on party mode. Especially Brandi, who got the bright idea to drunkenly do a flip on the dining table. Without much warning, the former cheerleader got up on the table while everyone quickly removed their glassware and did an impressive flip! Her coordination only lasted so long, however, and she fell off her chair a few minutes later. 

LeeAnne Threatens to ‘Slaughter’ Marie

The women got together the following morning to recap the events that happened off-camera in the middle of the night. Brandi said to the girls, “Last night, I woke up to LeeAnne’s voice literally roaring throughout the house.” Cary Deuber followed up with, “She was screaming at the top of her lungs in Marie’s face, telling her she was going to slaughter her.” Stephanie recalled, “At one point she said she was gonna get her ‘carny style.’” Carny style?!

LeeAnne Deflects Her Rage Problems By Bringing Up Cary’s Alleged Affair

The next day LeeAnne confronted Marie on camera, harping on her again about spreading the poop rumor. Marie said, “You followed me around and said, ‘When I don’t like something, you know what happens? I gut them. I gut them!” Yikes. LeeAnne clarified her death threats by saying, “What you think is killing and what I think is killing are two different things.” Cary called out LeeAnne and said, “You’re gonna have to back down.” LeeAnne was not having it and said to BFF Tiffany Hendra later, “It’s not OK for me to be human but it’s OK for her to steal her man from a married woman?” Talk about savage!

Brandi Calls Tiffany ‘F–king Annoying’

After a day of massages and what should have been a nice relaxing dinner al fresco, tensions were still soaring through the roof. LeeAnne was silent so the heat turned to Tiffany, who was desperately trying to defend her best friend’s terrifying actions. Brandi called her out to her face and said, “Tiffany, you talk in circles, it’s f–king annoying.” We think Cary summed it up best by saying, “Hashtag, worst girls trip ever!”

Tell Us: Do you think LeeAnne has serious anger problems or was she right to call out Marie for spreading rumors?

The Real Housewives of Dallas airs on Bravo Mondays at 10 p.m. ET.

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