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Sisters Missed Dad’s Final Moments Because They Were Kicked Off A Plane For Crying

Having an elderly parent suffering from illness is difficult for any family.

You just want to be there with them, and if you live far away, it can be difficult to see them all the time. Debbie Hartman and Trisha Baker were on the tarmac in a plane on their way to see their sick father when Baker received a text message that Dad only had hours left to live.

She knew she had to get up to comfort Hartman, and when she did, an Allegiant Air flight attendant demanded she return to her seat. Even after explaining the situation, the flight attendant didn’t budge, telling them to “keep their personal business off the plane.”

Hartman began to have a panic attack, and the two sisters were removed from the flight for being “disruptive.” They missed their father’s final moments.



Allegiant says it is investigating the incident, but the damage is already done. I can’t imagine what these sisters are going through. SHARE this if you think Allegiant should apologize to their family.

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