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She Took A Stranger’s Baby, But The Reason Why Is Actually Amazing

For some who aren’t parents (and even those who are), hearing other people’s kids throwing tantrums can get very irritating at times.

I’ll be the first to admit that when I hear children screaming in public, I definitely get annoyed, though I do keep it to myself. But what many often don’t stop to consider, myself included, is that getting angry at the parents for the child’s outburst does nothing to fix the situation. Being understanding and offering a helping hand is a much better and kinder solution, which is exactly what this sweet woman did.

Kesha Bernard was taking a flight while on vacation when she heard a baby crying. Nothing unusual there, but when the mom’s other child started getting more and more upset over having her seat belt on, people got angry and began complaining about their mother.

Maybe it’s because she has two kids of her own, but the sounds didn’t bother Bernard. What did bother her, however, was the woman sitting in front of the little girl. After the three-year-old kicked her seat, the woman reached behind her and actually grabbed the child’s leg.

Nobody offered to help the mom. Instead, they began judging her parenting skills. That’s when Bernard decided she’d had enough, got up, and kindly took the woman’s baby off her hands with her permission. Not long after she got back in her seat, the infant calmed down and fell asleep in her lap.

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