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Sarah Silverman Reveals Bruised Arm Following Near-Death Incident: ‘Milking My Last Vestige of Sympathy’

Sarah Silverman is on the mend after almost dying earlier this month. The funnywoman shared a photo of her bruised arm Sunday, July 10, following her “freak case” of epiglottitis.

“This is me, all better, milking my last vestige of sympathy,” she captioned an Instagram photo of her forearm looking bruised and swollen. 

This is me, all better, milking my last vestige of sympathy

A photo posted by @sarahkatesilverman on

As previously reported by Us Weekly, the comedian spent five days in the ICU after visiting her doctor for what she thought was a sore throat. 

“I am insanely lucky to be alive,” Silverman explained in her July 6 Facebook post, in which she revealed that she had epiglottitis, which is described by the Mayo Clinic as "a potentially life-threatening condition that occurs when the epiglottis, a small cartilage 'lid' that covers your windpipe, swells, blocking the flow of air into your lungs."

The bruises on her arm are likely from her IVs and when she had to be strapped down to her hospital bed. 

“They couldn't put me fully to sleep for the recovery process because my blood pressure's too low,” she explained in her post. “I was drugged just enough to not feel the pain and had no idea what was happening or where I was. They had to have my hands restrained to keep me from pulling out my breathing tube.”

Silverman, who was treated by a team of doctors at Los Angeles’ Cedars-Sinai, was scared by the life-threatening incident, but appears to have kept her sense of humor intact.

“There are some funny stories too,” she concluded at the end of her Facebook post, revealing that she drew a penis on a note to a nurse and that her first question to waiting family members and friends was about Sally Fields’ 2015 dramatic comedy Hello, My Name Is Doris

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