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Sara, Erin Foster Defend Dad David Foster, Bash Yolanda Foster: ‘You’re Not Dying — Let’s Be Honest’

Sara Foster and Erin Foster are seen on June 28, 2016 in New York City.

Credit: Patricia Schlein/Star Max/GC Images

Sara and Erin Foster came to their dad David Foster’s defense during an interview with Jenny McCarthy’s Dirty, Sexy Funny SiriusXM show on Wednesday, June 29. The Barely Famous stars bashed their former stepmother Yolanda Foster, claiming that their dad got a bad rep for divorcing the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star amid her battle with Lyme disease. 

"To be honest with you, our loyalty is to our dad, he’s a really good guy," Sara, 35, said while discussing “bulls–t” that had been reported about their father. “For no one to come to his defense, it was unfortunate. … [My dad] will give the shirt off his back to you, to you, to you. To anyone in this room."

As previously reported by Us Weekly, David and Yolanda, 52, shocked fans in December 2015 when they called it quits on their relationship after four years of marriage and amid the former model’s health issues. After announcing their plans to divorce, the Grammy-winning music producer, 66, released a statement addressing the “great deal of inaccurate [and] baseless information” that was reported “claiming to represent [his] thoughts and feelings.”

"It’s not for us to comment on, only she knows her journey, but what I will say is, if you’re capable of continuing to be on a reality show, you’re not dying — let’s be honest,” Sara said of the RHOBH alum. “I know sick people. I’ve been to Children’s Hospital. I’ve seen children who are f–king dying, so it’s not easy for me."

Her younger sister Erin chimed in, saying they “don’t wish anyone ill will of any kind,” but alluded that they were wary of Yolanda’s constant social media posts about her struggle with Lyme disease. (As fans well remember, Yolanda’s RHOBH costars also had the same uneasiness when it came to her posts on Instagram.)

"No one wants everyone to know how sick they are and everyone to see how much they are struggling," Erin , 33, continued. "And when that seems to be the focus, of making sure everyone sees how sick you are, that’s just confusing to someone that is trying to be supportive."

Yolanda has been vocal about wanting to share her journey to bring awareness about Lyme disease and wrote a book about the illness titled Believe Me: My Battle with the Invisible Disability of Lyme Disease.

Barely Famous premieres on VH1 on Wednesday at 10 p.m. ET.

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