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Every Parent Should Know These Hacks For When You Go Grocery Shopping

If this is pretty much what your grocery shopping trips become, you’re not alone.


All it takes is one wrong turn down the sweets aisle and you’re doomed to deal with a tantrum if you don’t fill your cart with Oreos or Reese’s.

In an effort to make your next shopping trip a smooth ride for everyone, follow these simple tricks.

First off, did you know that most grocery stores are laid out like this?

Have you ever had to announce “cleanup on aisle three” because of a snack disaster? Make a Cheerios and floss necklace to avoid a mess.

Keep a plastic laundry basket in your trunk to make carrying multiple bags into the house easier on your back.

Find other helpful hacks in the video below!


Never again will your grocery shopping trip turn into this:


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