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Dolphin Mom Desperately Tries To Stop Hunters From Taking Her Baby Away

You probably wouldn’t advocate for a group that rips baby dolphins away from their mothers, but would you buy a ticket to a marine show or aquarium? At the end of the day, these actions are one and the same.

Every year, thousands of dolphins are killed for their meat or captured and sold to marine parks by hunters in Taiji, Japan. While older dolphins are more likely to be exterminated on the spot, pups are often taken from their mothers and kept alive for performance purposes. Marine advocates have been speaking out against the cruel practice of dolphin hunting for decades, but there’s nothing quite as jarring as seeing it firsthand.

This distressing footage posted by marine activist Liz Carter shows a bottlenose dolphin pup being ripped away from its panic-stricken mother. Like any good mom, she tries to save her baby, but she’s no match for the group of men.

The pup will probably be sold to an aquarium or similar place, while its mom will be killed for meat. As Carter said, “The price of a ticket and a day trip out to a marine park isn’t worth this.”

And if you think dolphins don’t suffer emotional damage due to all of this, think again. They’re among the most intelligent animals in the world — they definitely know what’s going on, and they hate it.

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Dolphin hunters capture their prey by netting off coves. They huddle them into a relatively small area, then wrestle some into submission and kill many others.

Before you go somewhere to look at dolphins again, take a second to think about the terrible practice of dolphin hunting. As long as there is a profit to be made, people will want to take part in these inhumane acts.

Personally, I’m with Carter. No amount of fun justifies this devastation. Make sure to share this story with others to spread awareness about the horrors of dolphin hunting.

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